Rider Checklist & Information

UTV & All Safety Equipment is Provided for You

Rider Checklist:

  • Helmets, goggles, and seatbelts must be worn and buckled properly before moving.
  • Safety nets or doors must always be closed properly before moving.
  • The driver should hold onto the steering wheel and the passenger should hold onto the grab bar at all times. This will keep your arms and hands safe if the UTV tips or rolls over. Do not remove your hands until the UTV comes to a complete stop. Keep hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Passengers must be tall enough to reach the handhold while their backs are against the seat and their feet are flat on the floorboards.
  • Each passenger must ride in his or her own seat, not anywhere else on the UTV.
  • Operators must back up carefully. Look especially for children before backing.
  • Operators should be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. By signing you agree that you are.
  • Do not try to whip donuts, slide sideways or jump with the UTV. The UTV is a 4 wheel drive machine and its ability to clear large obstacles also gives it a high center of gravity which makes it easier to tip or roll over if not driven properly. You are responsible for all damages.
  • Always follow directly behind the guide, never adventure off on your own.
  • Never try to pass and keep a safe distance at all times.
  • When climbing or descending hills, let the UTV in front of you make it at least ¾ way up before following.
  • Always check your brakes before starting down a long, or steep incline.
  • If the dust gets too heavy, back off to a safe distance so you can see the trail in front of you.
  • Always steer clear of large obstacles.
  • When climbing over rocks, do it at a very slow pace in low gear and 4 wheel drive.
  • Stop immediately if you feel or hear anything wrong with the UTV you are driving. The guide will come back to assess the situation and call for a replacement vehicle if necessary.
  • Stop the UTV and wait if you lose sight of the vehicle in front of you. The tour guide will come back to get you.
  • Wait for the guide to assist if you get stuck.
  • Spinning the tires can cause belt and drivetrain damage.
  • Always watch for the other off-road traffic and yield to them.
  • Always slow down and stay to the right when going over the top of a hill.
  • If the guide determines you are breaking the rules, you will forfeit the rest of your tour and be taken back to the launch area.
  • If you tip or roll over the UTV that you are driving, you will be charged a $500 inspection fee as we must disassemble the UTV to do a full inspection prior to it being used again. Your tour may be over at that time.